Available Now: Navigational Array by Dave Hubble


The first of a series of poetry chapbooks.

Navigational Array is a collection of poems by Dave Hubble (Subduction Zone) celebrating life in Southampton and is available in booklet and eBook formats.

The eBook is available at Amazon HERE and the chapbook is available either by mailing me using the contact page, via Amazon (from 15th July) and at various poetry evenings in and around the Southampton area direct from Dave.



LIFE infinite DEATH

Flyer LIDA paradox in sixty cards.

A scientist is searching for something after death. Only Hugh Everett, Max Tegmark, Ernst Schrodinger and Ludwig Boltzmann can help him.

Help him?

LIFE Death is an experimental non-linear tale where the information required to piece together the fragmentary nature of the scientist’s life is presented on a deck of specially printed cards.

Available as a deck of cards from Amazon soon or by contacting DWP directly.

£25 plus £2.95 postage (UK) or £5.50 postage (worldwide)

lid spoot.jpg

Going Home: Lost


A novel by Will Vigar
two parts
four stories
one alien artefact.

Part One – Lost

Keats dreams of blissful solitude and finds it in the post-apocalyptic remains of South Eastern England with no recollection of how he got there or even what the apocalypse was. Believing himself to be the last human alive, the last thing he expected was a knock at the door and a cry for help.

Who are they? How will they affect his quiet, ordered world? And what are those creatures outside?

Sam searches for his friend, Yileen, who disappears after an encounter with a mysterious object found in the Australian wilderness. He discovers that the same object has given him an unexpected gift, a new set of friends and an unearthly purpose.

Yileen, meanwhile, is changing.

Available NOW from Amazon: eBook and paperback

Part Two – Found – coming soon



Absent Ginsberg

41Ipl6HatvLAn anthology of modern poetry from the respected website ‘a swift exit’. Collecting together new works by poets from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, France, China, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Alongside first time writers are laureates, pop-stars and poetry academics. Absent Ginsberg is a dazzling collection of both formal and informal styles of poetry and is almost certain to contain your new favourite poem. Illustrations by Lou Wilson of 13 O’Clock and featuring poems by Kiefer Holland, Heather Wastie, R.M. Francis, Peter Keeble, Dave Kurley, Justin Tuijl, Julia Ciesielska, Alexander Woodward, Thalaya Darr, Dave Hubble, Carter Vance, Didi Menendez, Greg Gilbert, Pete Green, Alex Dean, Jacob Kamper, James Oliver Firkins, Iain Trethewey, Will Vigar, Roman James Hoffman, Colin James, Karen Bevan, Christopher Hope, James Dignan and Richard Todd.

Available NOW from Amazon:  eBook and paperback