Going Home: Lost


A novel by Will Vigar
two parts
four stories
one alien artefact.

Part One – Lost

Keats dreams of blissful solitude and finds it in the post-apocalyptic remains of South Eastern England with no recollection of how he got there or even what the apocalypse was. Believing himself to be the last human alive, the last thing he expected was a knock at the door and a cry for help.

Who are they? How will they affect his quiet, ordered world? And what are those creatures outside?

Sam searches for his friend, Yileen, who disappears after an encounter with a mysterious object found in the Australian wilderness. He discovers that the same object has given him an unexpected gift, a new set of friends and an unearthly purpose.

Yileen, meanwhile, is changing.

Available NOW from Amazon: eBook and paperback

Part Two – Found – coming soon




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