About Dense Weed

Dense Weed is a new poetry website and occasional publisher of poetry. Initially set up as a publisher of short stories, the death one of the owners threw the concern into chaos. After a long hiatus, during which time the remaining owner started and completed an MA in Creative Writing, Dense Weed is tentatively starting up again and focusing mainly on poetry and publishing the occasional physical chapbook or pamphlet.


About Will Vigar

My own poetic journey is both ancient and recent. By this, I mean that I wrote a lot of poetry at school, even winning prizes. Immediately post-school, I wrote two books of poetry that were published under a pseudonym and – in retrospect – are so gobsmackingly awful that I’ve disowned them. To be honest, the publisher really should have known better.

As a result, I lost the taste for poetry and moved on to the lyricists art. They may seem related, but they are startlingly different disciplines.

The next poem I wrote was shortly after one of those horrendous ‘event’ birthdays that I still refuse to acknowledge – and then it was probably a good ten years until I knuckled down and wrote anything approaching a decent body of work.

I joined forces with a friend who I had met while working on a comic book anthology, to produce a successful poetry website and what was meant to be the first of a series of anthologies. Sadly, our lives and focuses diverged and the astonishingly well received ‘Absent Ginsberg’ was to be our sole publication. I’m still immensely proud of it.

Shortly afterwards, I went to the University of Portsmouth to study for a Creative Writing MA. I’d gone to help me with writing a novel, but soon found myself writing poetry again and the final piece – for which I got a Distinction – was a mixture of poetry and prose celebrating a now demolished Brutalist Housing Estate in Sheffield; the legendary Kelvin Flats.

I enjoy writing around a subject. I like to present different aspects of an event or building or situation that allude to a greater whole. I like the psychogeographical elements to come to the fore and I have been creeping around the Edgelands for some time.

The current vogue for ‘walking poetry’ is something I’d like to be involved with, were it not for crippling agoraphobia.  As such, I rely on memories of old walks… and the nostalgia that invokes.

I’ve published two pamphlets, one by me, one by Dave Hubble and may well publish more…

I have a journeyman’s skill and therefore much more to learn.

My poetry and a few earlier works can be found on my personal website


About the name

The name  and website address derives from a track by one of my top three favourite bands and be discovered here.